[18:56] * Max_Hardcore has joined #xpt
[18:56] [TonyMalice] hello kabong
[18:56] [TonyMalice] good to have you on board
[18:56] [Crew_Chief] Okay, button up the hood and get the tire warmers off...
[18:56] [El_Kabong] hmmm Budweiser or listen to max brag about pissing down someones throat
[18:56] [Cleetus] yeah here you can drink and chat with max, Lol
[18:56] [Max_Hardcore] All systems go.
[18:57] [ChickenMaster] HEYA MAX!!!!!
[18:57] [Crew_Chief] Put it out on the track. Good luck Max.
[18:57] [TonyMalice] excellent, we'll be all ready to go shortly, a few more people i'm sure will be cramming in
[18:57] [Cleetus] hey max
[18:57] * sexy_gina has joined #xpt
[18:57] * Sir_Greenly has joined #xpt
[18:57] [El_Kabong] Hey Max, just was talking to some Chic in Nebraska who claims to have made you blush at the 98 AVN
[18:57] [Cleetus] and here they cum now
[18:57] [Max_Hardcore] Coming through 3 and I'm still getting a little push...
[18:57] * Sir_Greenly has quit IRC (Quit: Sir_Greenly)
[18:57] [sexy_gina] hi max
[18:57] [El_Kabong] I didn't think that you did that unless you pinching a mighty link
[18:58] [sexy_gina] max, are u voting for president
[18:58] [Crew_Chief] 194.537 thought the trap...
[18:58] * ChloeAdamsFan has joined #xpt
[18:58] [sexy_gina] spree, u there
[18:58] [Max_Hardcore] Feeling good...
[18:58] * spree has joined #xpt
[18:58] [sexy_gina] hey spree
[18:58] [sexy_gina] who u voting for president
[18:58] [sexy_gina] hey peeps
[18:59] [LaraRoxFan] hey gina do we know you?
[18:59] [Cleetus] hello gina
[18:59] [Max_Hardcore] It's loosening up in 3. 4 is fine.
[18:59] [El_Kabong] Has Max avoided felonious conviction?
[18:59] [spree] first time chatting here
[18:59] * Sir_Greenly has joined #xpt
[18:59] [LaraRoxFan] Max that Lain video is hilarious
[18:59] [ChickenMaster] lol
[18:59] [Crew_Chief] 195.892 through the trap...
[18:59] [LaraRoxFan] i think she died a little in side that day
[18:59] [sexy_gina] hi spree
[18:59] [sexy_gina] hi
[18:59] [spree] hiya Gina
[18:59] [Cleetus] Hey Greenly
[18:59] [sexy_gina] hi
[18:59] [Max_Hardcore] Okay, I'm ready for the flag.
[18:59] [Sir_Greenly] yo
[18:59] [spree] what was the lawsuit about
[18:59] [sexy_gina] what flag
[19:00] [sexy_gina] does max talk to fans in here
[19:00] [Cleetus] he is in racing mode i guess
[19:00] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:00] [Crew_Chief] Going green, green, green!
[19:00] [sexy_gina] how come max isnt talking to fans
[19:00] [Sir_Greenly] max ru drunk?
[19:00] * spree has quit IRC (Quit: spree)
[19:00] * pornfan has joined #xpt
[19:00] [sexy_gina] what is max hardcore talking about
[19:00] [Max_Hardcore] Okay, boys, fire away and see who can keep up with Max...
[19:00] [TonyMalice] i think that's a given
[19:00] [sexy_gina] u ready max
[19:00] [El_Kabong] Max who is your favorite whore?
[19:00] [TonyMalice] cool ask away folks
[19:00] [sexy_gina] who are u tony
[19:01] [ChloeAdamsFan] Max, have you heard anything from Chloe Adams at all recently
[19:01] [Max_Hardcore] Barbie Angel, Catalina, Cloey Adams, and several more.
[19:01] * hypnocock has joined #xpt
[19:01] [TonyMalice] i'm the mod/admin
[19:01] [sexy_gina] i just know catalina
[19:01] [Max_Hardcore] Nothing from Cloey, how's about we move this into the present.
[19:01] [Sir_Greenly] what about tiffany mynx?
[19:01] * spree has joined #xpt
[19:01] [sexy_gina] catalina was on date shows
[19:01] [ChloeAdamsFan] who have you shot most recently max
[19:01] [Max_Hardcore] Ancient history. Fucked her a couple of times and taught her well.
[19:02] [hypnocock] just saw the behing the scene story....
[19:02] * sadist has joined #xpt
[19:02] [Max_Hardcore] My legal cases are all in the past. I beat the system.
[19:02] [spree] Max...who are your absolute favorite girls to fuck?? Top 3
[19:02] [sexy_gina] ok
[19:02] * jrv has joined #xpt
[19:02] [Sir_Greenly] obscenity indictments suck
[19:02] [Cleetus] Max what's up with all the makeup these chicks wear in your flicks? That lipstick shit is freaky
[19:02] [TonyMalice] Max rocks
[19:02] [hypnocock] it was interesting
[19:02] [spree] the makeup is cool...i think
[19:02] [TonyMalice] i guess it woulda been okay had he just asked nicely to piss in her eyes
[19:02] [Max_Hardcore] Still you remember the most outrageous. Everybody remembers the worst crashes.
[19:03] [ChloeAdamsFan] Max what did you think about mirage aka briana banks
[19:03] [Max_Hardcore] It is around here.
[19:03] [ChloeAdamsFan] and her scene in schoolgirls 14
[19:03] [El_Kabong] When is MF 10 released?
[19:03] [hypnocock] I'll have to watch it again, but it looked like he did tell her before hand about the pissing
[19:03] * spree has quit IRC (Quit: spree)
[19:03] [Max_Hardcore] Briana was a good whore before she got mixed up with Vivid. Just ask Jim Lane.
[19:03] [sexy_gina] briana is rich now
[19:03] * memresh has joined #xpt
[19:03] [El_Kabong] VIVID SUCKS
[19:04] [Sir_Greenly] too bad teagan never got the max treatment
[19:04] [hypnocock] actially, Max was a lot more relaxed than I thought he would be
[19:04] [Max_Hardcore] Every picture tells a story.;
[19:04] [TonyMalice] she prolley spent all her vivid money on coke
[19:04] * spree has joined #xpt
[19:04] [sexy_gina] briana does coke?
[19:04] * sadist has quit IRC (Quit: sadist)
[19:04] [Sir_Greenly] duh
[19:04] [TonyMalice] lol
[19:04] [TonyMalice] bigtime
[19:04] [El_Kabong] lol
[19:04] * lain has joined #xpt
[19:04] [sexy_gina] how u know
[19:04] [sexy_gina] i didnt know briana banks did coke
[19:04] [Sir_Greenly] coke duz briana
[19:04] [sexy_gina] is that coke the drink, lol
[19:04] [Max_Hardcore] No, I'm not wanted presently by the feds. But if I am, I'm ready for them.
[19:04] [spree] i always wondered which porn girls were the biggest coke heads
[19:04] [TonyMalice] i think she even admited it in that fayner interview earlier this year
[19:04] [El_Kabong] Asscroft so wants to be Max but can't that is the source of his angst
[19:05] [ChickenMaster] Max would you ever come up to Canada to fuck some of our fine whores...
[19:05] [Sir_Greenly] nobody's ever ready for feds
[19:05] [Max_Hardcore] I have.
[19:05] * golly has joined #xpt
[19:05] [Max_Hardcore] Mia Sweet, Max Faktor 03.
[19:05] [Sir_Greenly] max- bush or kerry?
[19:05] [sexy_gina] duh, he is going for kerry
[19:05] [Max_Hardcore] Pretty stupid question.
[19:05] [Sir_Greenly] dumb question
[19:05] [spree] any plans to fuck Rio Mariah? she's a saucy one
[19:05] [pornfan] max is god
[19:05] [Cleetus] Max who is the chick who was the biggest pain in the ass for whatever reason in one of your vids
[19:05] [Sir_Greenly] i agree
[19:05] * sexy_gina has quit IRC (Quit: sexy_gina)
[19:05] [TonyMalice] good question
[19:06] [Max_Hardcore] Too many to answer.
[19:06] [TonyMalice] ha
[19:06] * smutmutant has joined #xpt
[19:06] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:06] * sadist has joined #xpt
[19:06] [Max_Hardcore] Most are pretty good.
[19:06] [Cleetus] come on you are not Kerry just give us one, LOL
[19:06] [memresh] max, you should have made an anti-bush ad for
[19:06] [Sir_Greenly] if bush wasn't anti porn i'd vote for him
[19:06] * jeffmike has joined #xpt
[19:06] [ChloeAdamsFan] where do you get your inspiration, how did you cum up with the whole drinking the sperm out their butts with the hose
[19:06] [jeffmike] whats up?
[19:06] [hypnocock] GAG DADDY!
[19:06] [TonyMalice] yo JM
[19:06] [El_Kabong] Max why the vomit in your recent films? I have never lost wood so fast.
[19:06] [hypnocock] I goota ballon for you!
[19:06] [Max_Hardcore] Every whore needs to drink cum and piss out of their own ass for enlightenment.
[19:07] [memresh] bohdisattva!
[19:07] [ChickenMaster] Max how long to you think you are going to make moveis for? When do you want to retire?
[19:07] [Max_Hardcore] We take it to the Max.
[19:07] * sexy_gina has joined #xpt
[19:07] * D- has joined #xpt
[19:07] [hypnocock] Jeff, how badly did I fuck up the last Bukakke?
[19:07] [Max_Hardcore] I want to retire right now, but I got this chat to finish.
[19:07] [smutmutant] Max, does puke get you hard?
[19:07] [spree] i wanna ask Max..what series of videos out there..does he wish he would have made??
[19:07] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:07] * sexy_gina has quit IRC (Quit: sexy_gina)
[19:07] [Max_Hardcore] Degrading whores makes me hard.
[19:07] [TonyMalice] Max what kind of liquor do you usually drink?
[19:07] [smutmutant] doesn't it stink?
[19:07] [TonyMalice] For all of us that want to emulate you
[19:07] * D- has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[19:07] [ChickenMaster] haha
[19:08] * Regret has joined #xpt
[19:08] [Cleetus] max have you ever thought of trying a different type of porn, like a bj series or anything/
[19:08] [Sir_Greenly] max- ever seen kitkat club vids?
[19:08] [Max_Hardcore] Not if I can force enough piss down the whore's throat.
[19:08] * gina has joined #xpt
[19:08] [smutmutant] trhat's not wiidy fuel
[19:08] [Sir_Greenly] the dudes shit on the girls
[19:08] * gina has quit IRC (Quit: gina)
[19:08] [hypnocock] Max, do you like David Lynch?
[19:08] [ChloeAdamsFan] max did you invent throatfucking?
[19:08] [smutmutant] that's not woody fuel for me
[19:08] [Sir_Greenly] THAT'S degrading!
[19:08] * superfly has joined #xpt
[19:08] * Hot_Wheels has joined #xpt
[19:08] [TonyMalice] yeah
[19:08] [TonyMalice] lol
[19:09] * D- has joined #xpt
[19:09] [Max_Hardcore] Yes, I invented throat fucking and a lot of other things. Ever heard of the 'back-breaker?
[19:09] [memresh] Max, I think you should give some of your whores "swimming" lessons in one of those inflatable pools...
[19:09] [smutmutant] is anybody drunk here?
[19:09] [ChloeAdamsFan] i love the back breaker
[19:09] [Max_Hardcore] I prefer bowling lessons.
[19:09] [Sir_Greenly] im stoned
[19:09] [jeffmike] wow,everbody slow down and let the man anwser the questions.
[19:09] [El_Kabong] Max was Flame a good whore?
[19:09] [Cleetus] backbreaker? Only in wrestling
[19:09] [Max_Hardcore] Yes, Flame was a servicable whore.
[19:09] [sadist] test
[19:09] [hypnocock] I wish I was drunk....
[19:09] [LaraRoxFan] ha
[19:09] [smutmutant] whoa nelly!
[19:10] [hypnocock] I'm here now out of convenience.....
[19:10] [El_Kabong] I am missing the bar for this
[19:10] [ChloeAdamsFan] Max how many scenes a month do you shoot/produce
[19:10] [smutmutant] Max, you're in a rut, buddy
[19:10] * gina has joined #xpt
[19:10] [Max_Hardcore] I thought there was going to be some competition here. I running laps around you guys. Is there no one here who wants to trade paint?
[19:10] [hypnocock] My fucking editing puter had issues...and I finished right as this got started..LOL
[19:10] [superfly] You do the best vomit scene. You are the man!!!
[19:10] [memresh] Max, I really like Kiara. Will she be back?
[19:10] [pornfan] max , what makes you tick ?
[19:10] * gina has quit IRC (Quit: gina)
[19:10] [LaraRoxFan] so far it is a love fest
[19:10] [Sir_Greenly] whats trade paint?
[19:10] [Cleetus] Max what video of yours are you most proud of?
[19:11] [hypnocock] Max, you should be like me and have lots of adorable ballons in your videos...just like I do for Jeff!
[19:11] [Max_Hardcore] Yes, Kiara Rose will be back again. One more finally of filth.
[19:11] [smutmutant] tthe first puke one?
[19:11] [sadist] Max do you see Barbi Angel anymore? Damn i loved that chick.
[19:11] [TonyMalice] max totally did invent puke fucking, i give him that
[19:11] [Regret] was working with Kami Andrews?
[19:11] [Max_Hardcore] Barbie is off the crew. Dancing in Nashville.
[19:11] [TonyMalice] she probably liked it too much
[19:11] [sadist] cool
[19:11] [Max_Hardcore] Kami was super. A whore who knows her place in life.
[19:11] [smutmutant] Max are you in a relationship?
[19:12] [superfly] Max you are great but no offense get some guys with bigger dick in these girls throats!!
[19:12] [El_Kabong] Ok I think one question that seems to pop up in the Max threads is "What happened to this man to make him soooo Hardcore, what deep pain or fear is he trying to excise?"
[19:12] [pornfan] the whore was to thin .
[19:12] * gina_baby has joined #xpt
[19:12] [memresh] Barbie had too many teeth. She looked like a shark.
[19:12] * Hot_Wheels has left #xpt
[19:12] [Cleetus] lol
[19:12] * RexLuthor has joined #xpt
[19:12] [golly] Max, you gonna slam lil cinderella again?
[19:12] [smutmutant] Have you ever been in love, Max?
[19:12] [gina_baby] hi im back
[19:12] [hypnocock] ....having fun, Lain?
[19:12] [Max_Hardcore] I'm here to make porn. Leave a lasting impression and do what the fuck I want to do. That's all.
[19:13] [sadist] lil cinderella can't pass for a teen anymore,can she?
[19:13] [Max_Hardcore] She's long gone.
[19:13] [gina_baby] max, how do u know if u make an so called obscene movie
[19:13] [smutmutant] your porn does make quite an impression
[19:13] [lain] not so much ......
[19:13] [sadist] most defintely it does
[19:13] [ChickenMaster] Max what are you thinking when a whore is gagging on your dick and vomiting all over you?
[19:13] [El_Kabong] Max, do you have a significant other? Wife, girlfriend, man-slave, cock puppet??
[19:13] [Max_Hardcore] Only a jury in the US can say if something is obscene, by community standards.
[19:13] [hypnocock] LOL...did you see the video?
[19:13] [superfly] I wish my girlfriend would let me vomit fuck her.
[19:13] [hypnocock] the top of the page
[19:13] [ChloeAdamsFan] lil cinderella is prolley buried somewhere next to chloe
[19:13] [Max_Hardcore] Max Extreme 04.
[19:14] [jeffmike] no
[19:14] [smutmutant] Max, what do you think of all these porn hacks out there taking your ideas like they invented them?
[19:14] [Max_Hardcore] Wha the fuck is prolly?
[19:14] [Sir_Greenly] catch22
[19:14] [Sir_Greenly] probably
[19:14] [memresh] prolly=probably
[19:14] [jeffmike] im not
[19:14] [El_Kabong] The feds can fuck with anybody they want to, look at Tomy Chong
[19:15] [ChickenMaster] Max what are you thinking when a whore is vomiting on you after gagging on your dick?
[19:15] * mikemirestone has joined #xpt
[19:15] [Max_Hardcore] I don't worry about what is obscene by some community's standards. I make the dirtiest shit I can think of.
[19:15] [gina_baby] tommy chong got chaffed
[19:15] [hypnocock] what a great way to abbreviate 'probably'
[19:15] [TonyMalice] people like jeff and mike fight those laws for you, the viewing degenerate
[19:15] [superfly] Max need more behind the scenes stuff in the dvds.
[19:15] [Sir_Greenly] FUCK THE FEDS!!!
[19:15] [Sir_Greenly] sorry
[19:15] [hypnocock] lain, where's Gen at?
[19:15] [lain] doing stuff, idon't know
[19:15] [jeffmike] gen needs to get fucked up by max
[19:15] [Max_Hardcore] I'm only thinking I'm going to throat fuck this chick until she can't puke no more. Then we'll move on to the next position.
[19:16] * aj has joined #xpt
[19:16] [ChloeAdamsFan] Lain are you on good terms with max now or no
[19:16] [spree] is anyone chatting here besides Max. that works in the industry???
[19:16] [hypnocock] Please love me, Gag Daddy!
[19:16] [El_Kabong] She can't type ight now as she is massaging my balls....NOT!
[19:16] [TonyMalice] oh man
[19:16] [TonyMalice] lol
[19:16] [Max_Hardcore] Fuck Gen. She never looked that fucking good in the first fucking place.
[19:16] [Sir_Greenly] i hope rob black's case gets thrown out
[19:16] [gina_baby] who is gen
[19:16] [memresh] Max, we are seeing less and less of Catalina. Is she goin to continue to stay behind the scenes, or will you be brinking her out for any more skinny sessions, like with Layla Riviera?
[19:16] [mikemirestone] whasssssssabi?
[19:16] [smutmutant] what's next Max? Teen Clowns? you can use that if you like...
[19:16] [lain] We hate what we can't get
[19:16] [superfly] Catalina is a ugly piece of shit.
[19:16] [Sir_Greenly] or found not guilty
[19:16] [hypnocock] is it true you call Gen weekly trying to get her to do scenes?
[19:17] [Cleetus] screw that clowns would mean even more makeup
[19:17] * RexLuthor has quit IRC (Quit: RexLuthor)
[19:17] * aj is now known as Guest903786
[19:17] [Max_Hardcore] Catalina does the makeup, runs her website, and services my cock when there are no other skinny sluts here.
[19:17] [Sir_Greenly] ru on the jury?
[19:17] [superfly] Max what is the scoop on ROxy?
[19:17] [jeffmike] lain,you need to get with the program,wanna do a gag factor scene for me?
[19:17] [smutmutant] like teen girls dressed as clowns trick or treating
[19:17] [ChloeAdamsFan] true love
[19:17] [spree] i like that Max fucks skinny girls....not into fat girl fetish
[19:17] [Sir_Greenly] broke what law?
[19:17] * dynamite_dick has joined #xpt
[19:17] [hypnocock] Lain, please try to contain your excitement...
[19:17] [Max_Hardcore] I called Gen a couple of times because Jeff Mike said she needed to get fucked up properly.
[19:17] [superfly] Skinnier the better .
[19:18] [jeffmike] true dat
[19:18] [D-] lain in gag factor = yay
[19:18] [gina_baby] i dont like skinny
[19:18] [memresh] There is no one obscenity law.
[19:18] [ChloeAdamsFan] Max does it fuck with your mojo when you do the bigger chicks like Kami
[19:18] [hypnocock] why don't you respond to my email, Jeffrey?
[19:18] [smutmutant] Max, when did you lose your virginity?
[19:18] [gina_baby] 1973
[19:18] [Sir_Greenly] then everyone should go to jail
[19:18] [jeffmike] i dont know why she dosnt follow thru
[19:18] [Max_Hardcore] I have no problem with Kami.
[19:18] [superfly] What do you pay these girls Max?
[19:18] [El_Kabong] Max what is the story behind the "Trademark" Max Harcore girl look, when did you think up the oversized ball bands in the hair and the massive ammounts of makeup?
[19:18] [sadist] When are they gonna do a movie about you,Max? :-)
[19:18] [Max_Hardcore] As little as possible.
[19:18] [ChloeAdamsFan] who is the plumpest chick you can remember banging for a video
[19:18] [memresh] good question superfly!
[19:18] [mikemirestone] kami was good...
[19:18] [smutmutant] she disappeared here
[19:19] [memresh] kami was very good. soooo dirty
[19:19] [Max_Hardcore] Kami is great.
[19:19] * Longshot has joined #xpt
[19:19] [gina_baby] max, i hear u go to church
[19:19] [pornfan] whores need to get fucked up .
[19:19] [Sir_Greenly] obscenity law on rape? I thought they had rape laws
[19:19] [El_Kabong] Kami is my Godess
[19:19] [ChloeAdamsFan] you have to stand up against tyrrany
[19:19] [Max_Hardcore] I would have expected Kami to have lost about 30 lbs by now.
[19:19] [gina_baby] no rape films are not allowed
[19:19] [smutmutant] Are sales slumping Max?
[19:19] * dynamite_dick has quit IRC (Quit: dynamite_dick)
[19:19] [Max_Hardcore] Sales are great.
[19:19] [ChickenMaster] Max how much on avarage do you pay the girls?
[19:19] [Cleetus] Where is Kami? LOL
[19:20] [smutmutant] Did the case increase sales?
[19:20] [El_Kabong] probably scale
[19:20] [El_Kabong] Jesus its a buisiness
[19:20] [superfly] What is scale?
[19:20] [Sir_Greenly] rob didn't make rape film
[19:20] [Longshot] figured i would make a brif gust appearence before i leave work
[19:20] [smutmutant] like winning the obscenity case?
[19:20] [mikemirestone] its absolute
[19:20] [Sir_Greenly] FAKE rape
[19:20] [memresh] Max, how many members on the website?
[19:20] [hypnocock] ROBBIE!
[19:20] [Max_Hardcore] Alot.
[19:20] [ChloeAdamsFan] people don't give a shit about obscenity, people care about their wallets
[19:20] [Max_Hardcore] That's right.
[19:20] [Sir_Greenly] if rape was real, then...
[19:20] [Longshot] yes, it was a horror movie.... it just happened to have hardcore sex
[19:20] [Cleetus] How rich are you Max?
[19:21] [spree] i think the law believes rape videos will encourage rape..which is BS
[19:21] [superfly] Can i visit your set during a shoot max?
[19:21] [Sir_Greenly] religious groups are obscene
[19:21] [D-] what's the deal with all the neon colors in your movies?
[19:21] [pornfan] max can you please stop putting sooooo much make up on the whores ?
[19:21] [smutmutant] What's your fave video MAx?
[19:21] [Guest903786] Max, do you use viagra? Sometimes you seem to have trouble getting it up
[19:21] [Cleetus] Like a hip hop Rapper rich? lol
[19:21] [El_Kabong] Max what is the story behind the "Trademark" Max Harcore girl look, when did you think up the oversized ball bands in the hair and the massive ammounts of makeup?
[19:21] [TonyMalice] lol
[19:21] [Longshot] and Extreme is also gonna prove that we can get away with it too
[19:21] [lain] that and rape videos glorify rape some thing that should not be glorified
[19:21] [Max_Hardcore] It's not about how much money I've made, it's about how many whores I have and will degrade in the future before I pull it back into the garage.
[19:21] [gina_baby] u dont like it lain
[19:22] [hypnocock] You go robbie!
[19:22] * b has joined #xpt
[19:22] [gina_baby] max, will u ever do couples friendly
[19:22] [superfly] Max who do you think is in your league of making hard core videos?
[19:22] [lain] like what ??
[19:22] [gina_baby] will u ever do softcore films
[19:22] [Cleetus] You are right max but what is good in life is if you can do both
[19:22] [pornfan] lain your a whore so why wont you drink piss ?
[19:22] [D-] fuck softcore
[19:22] [ChloeAdamsFan] i don't think anyone is doing what max is doing
[19:22] [spree] i like Stagliano's stuff...only because he focuses on Ass
[19:22] [mikemirestone] she did drink piss...
[19:22] * b has quit IRC (Quit: b)
[19:22] [gina_baby] i like butts too spree
[19:22] [ChickenMaster] lain did on pissmops
[19:22] [smutmutant] would you fuck Sharon Mitchell Max?
[19:22] [Longshot] lain is an awesome girl
[19:22] [Max_Hardcore] My girls have a unique look. My lighting is intense, and camerwork super sharp. And we're always up to speed or we pull it back into the pits. That's the way we do things around here.
[19:23] [hypnocock] Jeff, how's Sandy?
[19:23] [gina_baby] max, do u use any hot girls
[19:23] [Cleetus] How come there aren't many sistas in your videos max?
[19:23] [gina_baby] u seem to pick these bony girls
[19:23] [Longshot] she did a piss scene for us no problem...
[19:23] [lain] i have drank piss.... but being in porn doens't mean i drink piss
[19:23] [pornfan] ohhh
[19:23] [gina_baby] which pornstar has the best butt
[19:23] [Max_Hardcore] Check the website Gina...
[19:23] [Longshot] she did a great facefucking with myself and valentino as well
[19:23] [spree] have a website???
[19:23] [sadist] What disgusts YOU max? What fetish will you absolutely NOT indulge?
[19:23] [smutmutant] Max, would you fuck Sharon Mitchell?
[19:23] [gina_baby] ok thanks
[19:23] [hypnocock] ...and the space in your closet is cramped...
[19:23] [superfly] Max less piss scenes !!!
[19:23] [pornfan] just not for max , stupid girl .
[19:23] [gina_baby] which pornstar booty u like max
[19:23] [lain] soon soon it will be
[19:24] * rubber-gothic-girl has joined #xpt
[19:24] [Cleetus] oi oi oi
[19:24] [spree] where can i find a pic of you Lain
[19:24] [memresh] Lain, will you ever work with Max again?
[19:24] [spree] google you up
[19:24] [spree] lol
[19:24] [Max_Hardcore] I'm not into caviar videos.
[19:24] [hypnocock] Max, are you enjoying this lil' hootnany?
[19:24] [gina_baby] ive never rented a max film because im scared
[19:24] [memresh] Caviar sux
[19:24] [ChickenMaster] lain I want to see some good bondage!!
[19:24] [ChickenMaster] on your site
[19:24] [sadist] oy!
[19:24] [gina_baby] max, are u into butts
[19:24] [smutmutant] Hey Max, what do you drink to prepare your piss?
[19:24] [gina_baby] hey spree
[19:24] [lain] give me your email ill email you one
[19:24] [Max_Hardcore] I don't like fat asses.
[19:24] [El_Kabong] Max I am sure that this is not on your end but 2 of my Max World DVD's have poor sound tracking and are worse than baddly dubbed japaniese movies. Is it a problem finding good publishing?
[19:24] [spree]
[19:24] [ChickenMaster]
[19:24] [smutmutant] Vinegar whiskey?
[19:24] [lain] i love bondage
[19:25] [gina_baby]
[19:25] [Max_Hardcore] Kabong. I'd check your DVD player pal.
[19:25] [ChickenMaster] woops.. actually do this one
[19:25] [gina_baby] max, how long u be in here for
[19:25] [hypnocock] Jeff, when are we shooting pink eye...I'm ready to do the chainsaw juggling while getting blown
[19:25] [spree] hey now..i was the one who asked Lain first
[19:25] [spree] lol
[19:25] [spree] not you guys
[19:25] [gina_baby] how long are u chatting in here
[19:25] [Cleetus] What are max's dvds like? Any extras?
[19:25] [gina_baby] hi spree
[19:25] [gina_baby] i love u spree
[19:25] [El_Kabong] no its just those two DVD's I guess it happens at times
[19:25] [Max_Hardcore] I'll be here until every intelligent question is answered.
[19:25] [memresh] Max: I was a huge fan of Maya (japanese girl). Will you ever be going to Japan to shoot? Sake-piss and all that?
[19:25] [spree] thanks gina
[19:25] [gina_baby] who is maya
[19:25] [Longshot] so max, your way of dealing with a problem when someone tells you about it is to deny?
[19:25] [Longshot] :P
[19:25] [gina_baby] who the hell is maya
[19:25] [superfly] Max are you a slow reader?
[19:25] [gina_baby]
[19:26] [jeffmike] pink eyes not one of my tittles
[19:26] [El_Kabong] They are probably Malay counterfeits
[19:26] [gina_baby] chat room
[19:26] [hypnocock] My way of dealing with problems is to blame JeffMike
[19:26] [Max_Hardcore] Japan is too expensive to shoot in and the chicks are lame. Check out the Japanese chicks I have on my website.
[19:26] [gina_baby] max , do u go to church
[19:26] [smutmutant] Max is sticking his fist in whore as he speaks
[19:26] [spree] i love gina..because she goes to creampie websites
[19:26] [smutmutant] multitasking?
[19:26] [El_Kabong] CHINA DOLL!
[19:26] [gina_baby] thanks spree
[19:26] [D-] did i miss lain's reply to max's "real story" vid?
[19:26] [Max_Hardcore] And Leanni Lei
[19:26] [jeffmike] no
[19:26] [memresh] China doll rocks!
[19:27] [Guest903786] Max, who would you like to fuck that you haven't?
[19:27] * rubber-gothic-girl has quit IRC (Quit: rubber-gothic-girl)
[19:27] [Sir_Greenly] longshot is taste that ass any good?
[19:27] [superfly] Max who had the tighetest pussy?
[19:27] [El_Kabong] is there a link to the vid for lain's real story I just saw the box cover
[19:27] [Longshot] its fuckin great
[19:27] * Regret has quit IRC (Quit: Regret)
[19:27] [lain] i didn't reply
[19:27] [Longshot] we just shot the final scene yesterday
[19:27] [Sir_Greenly] whose in it?
[19:27] [Longshot] i posted an update just now on the site
[19:27] [D-] EL its on the top hi res/ lo res
[19:27] [smutmutant] Who was the first bitch you fisted Max?
[19:27] [lain] he put that on the box cover
[19:27] [memresh] Max, on average how many scenes do you shoot a week? How long does the average scene take?
[19:27] [lain] ??
[19:28] [pornfan] max who was your favorite whore that you shot ?
[19:28] [Max_Hardcore] Tiffany Mynx was one of the first fisted fuck-holes.
[19:28] [gina_baby] one mans obscenity is another mans art said late justice william brennan
[19:28] [Cleetus] Gina are you a law sudent or something
[19:28] [gina_baby] no
[19:28] [spree] work for Max only..or other directors
[19:28] [gina_baby] tiffany mynx is sexy
[19:28] * smilingarab has joined #xpt
[19:28] [TonyMalice] let the lawyers worry about that stuff, max is an artisit
[19:28] [Cleetus] then why all the lae questions?
[19:28] [gina_baby] has she been in your films
[19:28] [gina_baby] tony, u do porn
[19:28] [D-] everyone's definition of obscene is different
[19:28] [superfly] Max you going to do a gang bang vid soon?
[19:28] [mikemirestone] nothing is obscene
[19:28] [Longshot] Naudia Nyce, Kami ANdrews, Renee Pornero, Sophia, and Julie Night
[19:29] [Sir_Greenly] might as well move to europe
[19:29] [Longshot] are in taste that ass
[19:29] [TonyMalice] i find my masturbation sessions obscene though i must admit
[19:29] [Max_Hardcore] No, I'm not going to do a gang bang video. Not my department
[19:29] [smutmutant] Max has left the building
[19:29] * smilingarab has quit IRC (Quit: smilingarab)
[19:29] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:29] [lain] no no iv since moved on to better people it was the firstt thing i did
[19:29] [Sir_Greenly] george bush is obscene
[19:29] [spree] Renee is hot...sophia is hot...julie is a fuck pig
[19:29] [gina_baby] lol
[19:29] [memresh] gina- have you really not seen a max film? Why are you so interested in his opinions?
[19:29] [gina_baby] i never saw a max film
[19:29] [memresh] MAx, did you piss on Sophia Ferrari?
[19:29] [Longshot] julies scene is hot
[19:29] [Cleetus] Max, why wouldn't you want to branch out and try different stuff- like other actors and such
[19:29] [Sir_Greenly] naudia nyce is fuckin hot
[19:30] [Longshot] fuck... every scene is hot
[19:30] [smutmutant] Max, are you asleep?
[19:30] [gina_baby] clarence thomas likes porn
[19:30] [Max_Hardcore] Yes, I pissed on Sophia Ferrari, and fisted her cunt.
[19:30] [superfly] Max what is the next thing such as vomit fucking you are going to pioneer?
[19:30] [smutmutant] he awakens
[19:30] [memresh] Will we ever get to see the piss scene at the site?!?!!?!
[19:30] [gina_baby] clarence thomas is a porn fan
[19:30] * smiling_arab has joined #xpt
[19:30] [smutmutant] Max, ever fucked anybody's nose?
[19:30] [mikemirestone] ok bush is obscene
[19:30] [pornfan] :/
[19:30] [gina_baby] max, did u ever get with any big butt girls
[19:30] [Max_Hardcore] I do my own thing. I'm not interested in other actors. Not my department.
[19:30] [Sir_Greenly] clarence thomas is a fuckin retard
[19:30] [gina_baby] u think bush will win
[19:30] [spree] sophia ferrari was one of my all time favorties
[19:30] [Max_Hardcore] Yes, I've nose-fucked before.
[19:31] [smiling_arab] okay, so anyone kill anyone yet?
[19:31] [memresh] Nasal sex rocks!
[19:31] [gina_baby] clarence thomas votes in favor of porn though
[19:31] [Cleetus] How did you get started in thew biz/
[19:31] [smutmutant] who was it?
[19:31] [memresh] She had a big nose, OK? A really big nos!
[19:31] [Cleetus] Hey arab
[19:31] [pornfan] MAX , DO YOU THINK BRANDON IRON IS GAY ?
[19:31] [smutmutant] What vid is the nose fucking in?
[19:31] [Longshot] well, im gonna go home now...
[19:31] [superfly] time to shoot jizz up the nose!!!
[19:31] [El_Kabong] I'd imagine that the form of degredation that you put these whores through is what most of us want to see. However simulating pedophilia is kind of a "Taboo" that seems to get you bad marks from many. Why is this a common theme in many Max scenes? Is it simply for shock value or is it good buisiness?
[19:31] [TonyMalice] wassup arab
[19:31] [Max_Hardcore] Read my bio on my website for details on my history.
[19:31] [gina_baby] max baby
[19:31] [spree] isn't there a girl
[19:31] [spree] Queeny Love..who snorts cum
[19:31] [gina_baby] who is a retard
[19:31] [Longshot] Lain, we love ya and yuor movie comes out on the 12th
[19:32] [superfly] Max can I have a free dvd please?
[19:32] [smiling_arab] hola Senor Malito
[19:32] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:32] [gina_baby] sir greenly , who is a retard
[19:32] [lain] okay kids im off to do slightly more interesting things....... spree did you ask for pics?? i didn't get your emial
[19:32] [LaraRoxFan] it is a good question
[19:32] [Cleetus] what is brandon here
[19:32] * Longshot has quit IRC (Quit: Longshot)
[19:32] [LaraRoxFan] you combine the degredation with the young girl theme
[19:32] [sadist] i'd like to see a a girl vomiting while being fucked doggy style..just thought i'd share.
[19:32] [spree]
[19:32] [Max_Hardcore] I just hold up a mirror to society with the young girls stuff. It's ugly, but it's still real, and it's there. You may not want to see it but that doesn;'t mean it's not happening.
[19:32] [gina_baby] how long is max in here for
[19:32] [lain] AWSOME you rock and roll to rob
[19:32] [gina_baby] max, how long u chatting for
[19:32] [Sir_Greenly] brandon's a max wanna be
[19:32] [gina_baby] max, what does this hardcore stuff do for u
[19:32] [spree] did you get it Lain?
[19:32] [gina_baby] i hear max hardcore is rich
[19:32] [gina_baby] i hear he has a mansion
[19:32] [TonyMalice] Lain IM me so I can jack one out
[19:33] [Crew_Chief] Max, you got to bring it into the pits for fuel...
[19:33] [Cleetus] yup hip hop rapper rich
[19:33] * kyoto has joined #xpt
[19:33] [gina_baby] he has got a big house
[19:33] [lain] no sorry i was typing and not looking
[19:33] [pornfan] i hear lain is a whore .
[19:33] [Max_Hardcore] I'll be back after a quick pit stop.
[19:33] [gina_baby] he also goes to church
[19:33] [memresh] not hooking?
[19:33] * regret has joined #xpt
[19:33] [Sir_Greenly] fuel=vodka
[19:33] [spree]
[19:33] [El_Kabong] Yes it is real, unfortunately children don' know better HOWEVER WHORES SHOULD KNOW BETTER and that's the difference :P
[19:33] [lain] ill payattentoin this time i swear
[19:33] [lain] okay cool
[19:33] [kyoto] i made it
[19:34] [kyoto] miss anything good?
[19:34] [TonyMalice] max do you get alot of responses to your be a max girl promos
[19:34] [Cleetus] what is your favorite type of alcohol
[19:34] [smiling_arab] konichiwa, kyoto
[19:34] [Sir_Greenly] deathmatch
[19:34] [gina_baby] hey tony, what u work as
[19:34] [sadist] Where's Simp? We can't have a party without Simp!!
[19:34] [gina_baby] who will win
[19:34] * D- has quit IRC (Quit: D-)
[19:34] [jeffmike] lain,when you cumming by the office?
[19:34] [lain] okay kids have a good one.........
[19:34] [gina_baby] who will win election
[19:34] [Cleetus] hey kyoto
[19:34] [TonyMalice] like amateurs and stuff
[19:34] [spree] thanks Lain
[19:34] [kyoto] hey, smilingarab
[19:34] [Sir_Greenly] kerry better
[19:34] * gina_baby has quit IRC (Quit: gina_baby)
[19:34] [ChickenMaster] see ya lain
[19:34] [Crew_Chief] Go, go, GO, Max!
[19:34] [lain] ehhh i don't know when do you want me to
[19:34] [kyoto] lain, don't go!
[19:34] [jeffmike] kerry
[19:34] [Max_Hardcore] Getting back upto speed...
[19:34] * Guest903786 has quit IRC (Quit: Guest903786)
[19:34] [memresh] Any fan of ANY porn should vote Kerry
[19:34] [TonyMalice] come by soon lain
[19:34] [lain] ehhh email me
[19:34] [TonyMalice] we want to examine your throat
[19:34] [smutmutant] you do speed , Max?
[19:35] * louie has joined #xpt
[19:35] [Sir_Greenly] speed? don't tell ashley blue
[19:35] [jeffmike] lol
[19:35] * D- has joined #xpt
[19:35] [memresh] Ashcroft is the devil incarnte. Methinks he doth protest too much
[19:35] [kyoto] hi Cleetus
[19:35] * sickfuk has joined #xpt
[19:35] [sadist] or Ashley Sage either
[19:35] [smutmutant] Max have you ever done porn on acid?
[19:35] [Max_Hardcore] I can't believe that was Lain. Did she not have more to offer?
[19:35] [superfly] Max has howard stern asked to interveiew you?
[19:35] [El_Kabong] Methinks Ashcroft has a giant butplug
[19:35] [sickfuk] yo sickys
[19:35] [jeffmike] or any other slut for that matter
[19:35] [lain] fuck you max its called me civil
[19:35] [Sir_Greenly] porn+acid=groovy!!!
[19:35] [memresh] She forgot to answer "Will you work for Max again, Lain?"
[19:35] [LaraRoxFan] Lain did you watch that video clip
[19:35] [Max_Hardcore] I've done every drug under the sun when I was young. Then I moved on.
[19:36] [sickfuk] hey max, nice to meet a fellow pervert!
[19:36] [smutmutant] Is degradation your new drug?
[19:36] [kyoto] Qusarman has a buttplug the size of a Pringles can
[19:36] [hypnocock] Hey's about $200 for each Bukakke next time?
[19:36] [El_Kabong] Oh yeah that'd be great! Max on Howard Stern! Eat it Clear Channel!
[19:36] [smiling_arab] geez, the whole point of this was to exalt in blood like savages
[19:36] [Max_Hardcore] Now I own a mansion, and Jeff Mike has the yaught.
[19:36] * Real has joined #xpt
[19:36] [lain] no i have no interest in see it
[19:36] * regret has quit IRC (Quit: regret)
[19:36] [Sir_Greenly] quasarman is a buttplug
[19:36] * gina has joined #xpt
[19:36] * gina has quit IRC (Quit: gina)
[19:36] [jeffmike] true
[19:36] [Max_Hardcore] I don't want to go on Howard Stern. Not important for me.
[19:36] [Sir_Greenly] BUTTPLUG!
[19:36] * Real is now known as Guest903800
[19:36] [Sir_Greenly] BUTT
[19:36] [kyoto] hey jeffmike
[19:37] [Sir_Greenly] PLUG!
[19:37] [jeffmike] hey
[19:37] [kyoto] how's ashley doing?
[19:37] [sickfuk] max, don't know if this was already asked...what happened to barbie angel?
[19:37] [smiling_arab] Hey Max, when you lived in Milwaukee did you ever meet the Fonz and Potsie?
[19:37] [spree] i just emailed you Lain
[19:37] * lain has quit IRC (Quit: lain)
[19:37] [Max_Hardcore] Barbie Angel turned 18.l
[19:37] [sickfuk] lol
[19:37] [jeffmike] good,you know,cuz shes a whore
[19:37] [Cleetus] hey max do you watch porn or only make it
[19:37] * gina has joined #xpt
[19:37] [kyoto] hehe
[19:37] [sadist] ha!
[19:37] [TonyMalice] Max who is your favorite Platinum X director
[19:38] [sickfuk] i was hopinh barbie had a daughter by now, fresh meat for u...hehe
[19:38] [Max_Hardcore] I watch some porn. Jut the good shit like JM, and Skeeter.
[19:38] [kyoto] good question
[19:38] [El_Kabong] I know this is aproaching Playboy style of questioning, but what do you envision yourself doing beyond your porn days?
[19:38] [gina] what is jm
[19:38] [Max_Hardcore] Who is Platinum X?
[19:38] * RexLuthor has joined #xpt
[19:38] [pornfan] pxp sucks .
[19:38] [kyoto] Mason is hot
[19:38] [TonyMalice] exactly
[19:38] [Max_Hardcore] Retiring in Monaco.
[19:38] [memresh] Max, you really seme to enjoy having your website. How has that changed your exerience as a director/producer/actor/writer/editor/etc.?
[19:38] * Q-Dog has joined #xpt
[19:38] [Cleetus] tony you were fishing for a brandon answer werent you
[19:38] * RexLuthor has quit IRC (Quit: RexLuthor)
[19:38] [El_Kabong] You have done good shooting there
[19:38] [sickfuk] max, you still hangin out with catalina?
[19:38] [Sir_Greenly] do you like tom byron movies max?
[19:38] [ChickenMaster] Monaco is beyond kick ass!
[19:38] [gina] max, u hiring
[19:39] [gina] ill be a porn star
[19:39] [TonyMalice] personally i love jewel denyle's film-making style
[19:39] [smutmutant] Monaco? France sucks
[19:39] [Max_Hardcore] I have a direct connection with the fans through my email and website. I respond fast and have the biggest site of any Porn Star.
[19:39] * smiling_arab has quit IRC (Quit: smiling_arab)
[19:39] [jeffmike] platimun who
[19:39] [sickfuk] hey gina, can u handle a speculum?
[19:39] [gina] do u anser your fan emails
[19:39] [gina] maybe
[19:39] [gina] i love sex!
[19:39] [Max_Hardcore] Monaco isn't in France, num nuts.
[19:39] [D-] and a mouthful of piss?
[19:39] [sickfuk] lol
[19:39] [memresh] gina, two specului?
[19:39] [LaraRoxFan] max when did you first come up with the idea ofusing the speculum in your scenes
[19:39] * clairejames has joined #xpt
[19:39] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:39] [gina] i prefer cock
[19:39] [Max_Hardcore] All email gets answered by me.
[19:39] [gina] what is speculum
[19:39] [spree] need to get creampied
[19:39] * Needledick_Jone has joined #xpt
[19:39] [memresh] its true!
[19:39] [gina] thanks spree
[19:40] [El_Kabong] Well, my seat at the lounge is getting cold, so I am off to have a few cold ones. Thank you for your time Max. I am looking forward to the transcript.
[19:40] [sickfuk] ask drmax
[19:40] [gina] u wanna creampie me
[19:40] [sadist] i hate speculums..boring..get back to fucking and fishing
[19:40] [smutmutant] Wow, Max taught me geography?
[19:40] [spree] hell yeah
[19:40] [smutmutant] Cool!
[19:40] [memresh] Gina, a speculum is like a pogostick, but more like a hanglider
[19:40] [gina] i dont know what it is
[19:40] [Max_Hardcore] Speculums show the beauty of whores both outside and in. Started in 1994.
[19:40] [hypnocock] what happened to your Earthlink address?
[19:40] [kyoto] MAx, what do you think of the Japanese?
[19:40] [sickfuk] hell, get back to preteen fantasy...hehe
[19:40] [gina] i prefer not to do that
[19:40] [smutmutant] I hope you answer e-mail faster than these questions
[19:40] * El_Kabong has quit IRC (Quit: El_Kabong)
[19:40] [gina] im not into extreme stuff
[19:40] [LaraRoxFan] the speculum was pure genius
[19:40] [sickfuk] i miss cherry poppers
[19:40] [clairejames] hey you freaks
[19:40] [Max_Hardcore] No earthlink address
[19:40] [LaraRoxFan] i love when you cum in the speculum hole
[19:41] [gina] i prefer normal sex
[19:41] [kyoto] hey claire
[19:41] [memresh] cherry poppers was excellent. Michela!
[19:41] [jeffmike] hey
[19:41] [TonyMalice] hey claire you whore
[19:41] [hypnocock] not anymore? used to have one didn't you?
[19:41] [gina] hows the porn hiv scare
[19:41] [spree] i like when a girl gets a creampie..and then its like a puddle inside
[19:41] [ChickenMaster] hey claire
[19:41] [clairejames] malice baby
[19:41] [sickfuk] chuck zane should be kickin himself for letting his company down the toilet
[19:41] [jrv] hi claire
[19:41] [Cleetus] hello claire
[19:41] * Q-Dog has quit IRC (Quit: Q-Dog)
[19:41] [Cleetus] hey jrv
[19:41] [clairejames] hows goin everyone?
[19:41] [smutmutant] hey Max, wh ever fucked n Icelandic bitch
[19:41] [Needledick_Jone] Lain get your ass back over to Max's and get me some more stickers!!!!!
[19:41] [clairejames] Heya MAx Hardcore :-D
[19:41] [D-] lol
[19:41] [TonyMalice] like bjork
[19:41] [sickfuk] matt zane is even about a wannabe
[19:42] [gina] what porn videos u rent
[19:42] [Sir_Greenly] matt zane=gay
[19:42] [sadist] yeah.fist Bjork dammit:-)
[19:42] [Max_Hardcore] I don't do creampies. I crank a whore's ass open with a speculum or a large pipe, then piss and cum in it and have the whore suck it out and swallow it. Then puke it out of course.
[19:42] [TonyMalice] needledick are you lains boyfriend?
[19:42] * lain has joined #xpt
[19:42] [gina] that is sick
[19:42] * Mantrid has joined #xpt
[19:42] [Cleetus] Hey max do you prefer american or euro whores?
[19:42] [sickfuk] hey max, what u think of britney spears?
[19:42] [Max_Hardcore] Did you know that the average whore is 15 pounds heavier than in 1990?
[19:42] [gina] i dont want to do a max hardcore film
[19:42] [lain] Hello
[19:42] [D-] and thats why you rule Max
[19:42] [kyoto] i'm lain's bf
[19:42] * gina has quit IRC (Quit: gina)
[19:42] [kyoto] wb lain
[19:42] [Sir_Greenly] britney+max=fun
[19:42] [sickfuk] or better yet, her lil sister jamie...hehe
[19:42] [Max_Hardcore] That's why I invented puke fucking. I'm doing my part for obesity in the world.
[19:42] [smutmutant] Max, do skeletons turn you on?
[19:42] [Cleetus] LOL what do you do weigh em
[19:42] [Needledick_Jone] as a matter of fuck'n fact I am
[19:42] * mikemirestone has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[19:43] [ChickenMaster] Really 15 pounds.. too much fast food.
[19:43] [jeffmike] everyone is lains boyfriend
[19:43] [lain] Hey Max...Tell Catalina to lose some weight already
[19:43] [TonyMalice] lol
[19:43] * bigblackdick has joined #xpt
[19:43] [LaraRoxFan] everyone with 50 bucks and a dime bag
[19:43] [memresh] Max, I am assuming that your first "puke fuck" was accidental. Do you remember who your first conscious target was?
[19:43] [smutmutant] Hey Max, you like anoerxics?
[19:43] [jeffmike] lol
[19:43] [Max_Hardcore] I weigh them in every time.
[19:43] [sickfuk] tell catalina to do another episode of the 5th wheel
[19:43] [smutmutant] you puke to lose weight?
[19:43] [Max_Hardcore] There are no accidents over here.
[19:43] [Sir_Greenly] max's first puke fuck-karen carpenter
[19:43] [ChickenMaster] Why do you wiegh your whores?
[19:43] [sickfuk] she was a riot on those shows
[19:43] [lain] When can we get some black chicks....Mya Sucks...
[19:43] [TonyMalice] ha
[19:43] * mallocup has joined #xpt
[19:44] [louie] Max, did your mother beat you as a child?
[19:44] * D- has quit IRC (Quit: D-)
[19:44] [smutmutant] that's why he makes em puke at the weigh in
[19:44] [memresh] Mya is the roX0rs and you know it
[19:44] [Max_Hardcore] I weigh them in so they know how fucking fat they are.
[19:44] [sickfuk] i heard max's mom was anun
[19:44] [ChickenMaster] lol, I can't ask for a better answer than that
[19:44] [Cleetus] Do you put the weigh in on film, that would be good stuff
[19:44] [sickfuk] so its no wonder he turned out so warper
[19:44] * D- has joined #xpt
[19:45] [memresh] Yeah, before and after weights!
[19:45] [lain] Max, I been a fan for years but you need to go back to the old style.. No Peeing..
[19:45] [Max_Hardcore] The weigh in is on the BTS section of the DVD's
[19:45] [smutmutant] Like Max's weight loss Ctr
[19:45] [bigblackdick] I seriously doubt Max will be able to get many if any black chicks to do some of that sick shit
[19:45] [Max_Hardcore] No going back. That's what they say.
[19:45] [Cleetus] cool thanks
[19:45] [Max_Hardcore] What I say too.
[19:45] [sickfuk] lol
[19:45] * memresh has quit IRC (Quit: memresh)
[19:45] * gauge_rulz has joined #xpt
[19:45] [spree] i wanna see like some girls who only weigh 90 lbs getting DP'd
[19:45] [pornfan] yeah , get some black hos in yo videos .
[19:46] [Max_Hardcore] Check out Mya Mason on Max Faktor 10. That black chick has her weight under control.
[19:46] [lain] Max...When are you going to get Mya's Sister Japan to do a scene?
[19:46] [sickfuk] hey max, what ever became of wesley?
[19:46] [D-] yes balck girls
[19:46] [smutmutant] yeah, Max, your old stuff was way better
[19:46] * mikemirestone has joined #xpt
[19:46] [bigblackdick] they wont do that sick shit
[19:46] [Cleetus] what up black chicks wont work withthe man,lol
[19:46] [Needledick_Jone] Lain, This time you'd better not throw $40 bucks in the street or I'm taking away your crayons!!!
[19:46] [Max_Hardcore] Japan is not Mya's sister.
[19:46] [hypnocock] Max, would you ever decapitate a whore?
[19:46] [bigblackdick] they might end up wanting to fight Max
[19:46] [smutmutant] IS Japan Monaco's sister?
[19:46] [kyoto] haha at hypno
[19:46] [sickfuk] sounds good, a max snuff film
[19:46] [ChickenMaster] hypno thats just fucked... i love it
[19:47] [mikemirestone] thats where that $$$ came from thanks for the burgers n the cokes
[19:47] [pornfan] they are sistas not sisters ]
[19:47] [sickfuk] with bisexual britney as his firt victim
[19:47] [Max_Hardcore] No, I only advocate decapitating people who ask stupid questions.
[19:47] [D-] Max, what "contract girl" would you most want to throat ream?
[19:47] [smutmutant] Max, ever fuck an eskimo?
[19:47] [hypnocock] you know...but off the head and fuck the throat the opposite way
[19:47] [lain] Japan is Mya's Sister..The black girl that calls herself Japan does anal..
[19:47] [jeffmike] lol
[19:47] [hypnocock] MAX needs a balloon animal
[19:47] [Max_Hardcore] I fucked a Polar Bear one time.
[19:47] [sickfuk] lol
[19:47] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:47] [sadist] hehee
[19:47] [Cleetus] polar bear will give ya a nip
[19:47] [hypnocock] I'm gonna live in Max closet soon
[19:47] [sickfuk] what havent you fuked max
[19:48] [smutmutant] Max, was waiting for your twisted humor to set in
[19:48] [Max_Hardcore] Do you people know that I've been making movies since 1992?
[19:48] [pornfan] yep
[19:48] [smutmutant] Max Steiner
[19:48] * gina has joined #xpt
[19:48] [D-] making whores pay for over a decade
[19:48] [LaraRoxFan] when did you start making max hardcore movies
[19:48] [sickfuk] thats not true, u making them since before that in florida
[19:48] [Cleetus] you old bastard
[19:48] [hypnocock] I think someone should decapitate a whore...
[19:48] [lain] I have seen all of your Movies including the Mr. Peepers stuff...Sam and Paul..
[19:48] * kyoto has quit IRC (Quit: kyoto)
[19:48] * Guest903800 is now known as bigdick
[19:48] [pornfan] i forget the name of the series ,
[19:49] [ChickenMaster] What question do you have for a general porn fan Max?
[19:49] * clairejames has quit IRC (Quit: clairejames)
[19:49] [sadist] Max why was "anal adventures of Max Hardcore 2:sunset blvd" banned?
[19:49] [bigblackdick] some of you guys are some sick fucks
[19:49] [Crew_Chief] Max, you've got two laps before you need to pull it in for fuel...
[19:49] [gina] hi spree
[19:49] [sickfuk] u were filmin college pussy in florida, remember max?
[19:49] [Max_Hardcore] Roger that.
[19:49] [hypnocock] I need to find a whore I could trick into it....
[19:49] * bigblackdick has quit IRC (Quit: bigblackdick)
[19:49] [Needledick_Jone] did you know you could fit a midgets head up Gen Padova's ass
[19:49] [gina] what college pussy
[19:49] [smutmutant] General Tommy Franks?
[19:49] [Cleetus] lol
[19:49] [hypnocock] I could probably get Lain!...then later I'l have my own lame session with a video to boot!
[19:49] * Needledick_Jone has quit IRC (Quit: Needledick_Jone)
[19:49] [smutmutant] who thinks that?
[19:50] [smutmutant] Max are you going to hell, or do you care?
[19:50] [lain] My Favorite was the Anal Adventures series..There you picked some nice girls..Like Lady Belin..
[19:50] [Max_Hardcore] I'm coming into the pits for fuel and tires.
[19:50] [D-] who cares what those assholes think
[19:50] [Max_Hardcore] Add a round of wedge in the right rear...
[19:50] [Sir_Greenly] LADY BERLIN!!!!
[19:50] [D-] i'm with tony
[19:50] [bigdick] no your a di8rector :)
[19:50] [sickfuk] max got tiffany mynx when she was still a virgin
[19:50] [Crew_Chief] Roger that.
[19:50] [Sir_Greenly] YESSSS!!!!
[19:50] [gina] im a fan
[19:50] [gina] i saw tifffany mynx at a strip club
[19:50] [superfly] I think you should do a series call sub 0 where all the chicks are under 100 pounds!!
[19:50] [sickfuk] tiffany was only 12 at the time...hehe
[19:50] [Sir_Greenly] i loved her fat german ass!
[19:50] [gina] tiff was a virgin?
[19:51] [hypnocock] Max, is it true you were going to be paid 20K to be anal banged by angry Japanese geisha?
[19:51] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:51] [smutmutant] Max, what do you think of Mila's blown-out bunger?
[19:51] [gina] who has a fat german ass
[19:51] [lain] I still try to get the banned Movie of Max.. The one where the girl tried to sue you...
[19:51] * Chauncy_Padova has joined #xpt
[19:51] [Sir_Greenly] lady berlin
[19:51] [gina] what movie is banned
[19:51] [jeffmike] he helped make it that way
[19:51] [gina] someone ass is blown out?
[19:51] [Max_Hardcore] Back up to speed.
[19:51] [lain] Sunset Bulavard....
[19:51] [sickfuk] thats the one with reagan starr
[19:51] [gina] really a blown out ass, lol
[19:51] [Sir_Greenly] speed?
[19:51] [Max_Hardcore] What's my position?
[19:51] [Crew_Chief] Go, go, GO Max!
[19:51] [Cleetus] max have your movies ever brought on fights? like some chick from the movies boyfriend?
[19:51] [gina] whose ass is blown out
[19:52] [Sir_Greenly] doggy style
[19:52] [Crew_Chief] Still in P-1Max!]
[19:52] [sickfuk] milas colon flower
[19:52] [gina] kim chambers did max hardcore
[19:52] * superfly has quit IRC (Quit: superfly)
[19:52] [smutmutant] Mila's ass blow itself out?
[19:52] [smutmutant] yep?
[19:52] [Cleetus] max apparently likes nascar
[19:52] [lain] Max I noticed you never fucked Mila in the Pussy...Not one time...
[19:52] [Max_Hardcore] Okay, anyone want to draft with me here?
[19:52] [D-] i think she had lots of help
[19:52] [gina] max, are u registered to vote
[19:52] [Chauncy_Padova] Gen's ass is blown out!
[19:52] [sadist] anal adventures of max hardcore 2:sunset blvd..why was it banned?
[19:52] [gina] anyone here a registered voter
[19:52] [mikemirestone] did we forget to add her to the list?
[19:52] [sickfuk] max hasnt fuked pussy in years, hes all ass
[19:52] [smutmutant] Max pumped a load up there & had her drink it from a chapagne glass
[19:52] [Max_Hardcore] Mila didn't need pussy fucking. Only ass fucking and fist fucking.
[19:52] [Sir_Greenly] some chick sued him
[19:52] [gina] who
[19:53] [spree] Mila
[19:53] [spree] is tooootal slut
[19:53] [spree] i love her
[19:53] [sadist] why?
[19:53] [gina] really
[19:53] [gina] for how much
[19:53] [Max_Hardcore] Oh, I like pussy all right. I just like the ass better.
[19:53] [pornfan] the pussy is a waste of time .
[19:53] [gina] mila is a nasty whore
[19:53] [lain] You should do a reunion movie with Lady Belin and Mila
[19:53] [gina] are u a buttman
[19:53] [sickfuk] u talkin bout that ugly chick in maxed out
[19:53] [Max_Hardcore] I showed Mila how to be a slut.
[19:53] [louie] Did you like Leanni lei's piss?
[19:53] [gina] max, u need hotter girls
[19:53] [smutmutant] Max, would you ever do a tranny?
[19:53] [gina] tranny is gay
[19:53] [pornfan] oh no .
[19:53] [Max_Hardcore] Leanni Le's piss is like the nectar of the gods.
[19:53] [Sir_Greenly] good question sm
[19:53] [sickfuk] max needs to get his hands on teagan presley
[19:53] [gina] joey silvera likes tranny
[19:53] [sadist] real gay
[19:54] [gauge_rulz] max why dont you get gauge?
[19:54] [gina] piss is nasty
[19:54] [gina] ewww
[19:54] [bigdick] teagan signed with dp
[19:54] [Max_Hardcore] I would never do a tranny. Would you, you fucking fagot!
[19:54] [jeffmike] wheres the puke icon when you really need it?
[19:54] [sickfuk] gauge wouldnt let him
[19:54] [lain] Max..Please put the Sunset Bulavard banned movie on the Website...
[19:54] [Cleetus] max and nacho present.....
[19:54] [spree] i wanna see Julie Rage come back to porn
[19:54] [gina] u work with teagan
[19:54] [D-] yes put teagan pressly in her place
[19:54] [hypnocock] I'll make you one, gD
[19:54] [Chauncy_Padova] My girlfriend is a tranny, and I'm not a fag.
[19:54] [Max_Hardcore] Gage is a great whore, but she's old news too.
[19:54] [smutmutant] Just curious Max don't get all pissy
[19:54] [gina] teagan presley wont do max hardcore
[19:54] [mikemirestone] was under contract?
[19:54] [sickfuk] i chatted with gauge before and asked her about max and she said no fukin way
[19:54] [smutmutant] pissy.. get it?
[19:54] [gina] gauge is short
[19:54] [louie] Was leanni as good a fuck as we all imagine?
[19:54] [gina] gauge is a tiny girl
[19:54] [sadist] Thanks have great taste:-)
[19:54] [ChickenMaster] Chauncy your a fag... you live in Brazil bud?
[19:54] [gina] she got a phat ass
[19:54] [Max_Hardcore] That's good you queer!
[19:55] [sickfuk] of course she was still with moho at the time
[19:55] [ChickenMaster] lol
[19:55] [lain] talk to Wesley Pipes about black chicks..He is the black Max hardcore...
[19:55] [gina] max, were u on family business show
[19:55] [gina] wesley is no max hardcore
[19:55] [mikemirestone] herr forehead isnt' (it's a 5 head)
[19:55] [Max_Hardcore] I think Gen Padova is a transvestite.
[19:55] [Cleetus] yeah another wesley fan, lol
[19:55] [sickfuk] lol
[19:55] [ChickenMaster] haha
[19:55] [gina] wesley pipes, lol
[19:55] [Max_Hardcore] Never been on Family business.
[19:55] [Sir_Greenly] *cough*HOMO!*cough
[19:55] [hypnocock] Gen has a penis...I've seen it...
[19:55] [gina] i thought i saw some guy who looked like u
[19:55] [lain] Wesley Pipes stole your old style max...He just works with black chicks..
[19:56] [smutmutant] SEymore Butts is a fag
[19:56] [gina] max, i thought i saw u in the vegas 2003 avn episode
[19:56] [sickfuk] hey max, u still wanna kick wankus ass?
[19:56] [Cleetus] max, how do you keep so fit and trim
[19:56] [Sir_Greenly] seymore is a butt trumpet
[19:56] [gina] larry flynt
[19:56] [Chauncy_Padova] I see it every fuk'n nite, why all the shit talk???
[19:56] [hypnocock] where is Adam Glasser right now?
[19:56] [smutmutant] Max fucks cunts to stay fit
[19:56] [Max_Hardcore] I mean Gen is just not fucking cute. Make up helps, but she needs major bodywork.
[19:56] [sickfuk] poor gen
[19:56] [Sir_Greenly] i hate his fucking gay show
[19:56] [gina] seymore butts
[19:56] [lain] How do you piss with a hard dick..It looks painful
[19:56] [gina] i hear gen has a nice ass
[19:56] [sickfuk] wankus is such a puttz
[19:56] [Cleetus] get the hell outta here gen is hot
[19:56] [smutmutant] now you've don't it Max
[19:56] [hypnocock] needles, dear lain
[19:56] [gina] i love family business show
[19:56] [smutmutant] Leave Gen alone
[19:56] [sickfuk] talk about a real poser
[19:57] [gina] whose your fav porn babe
[19:57] [sadist] Max? does EVERY girl you film leave crying and pissed off? I'm sure Mila loved that shit.
[19:57] [gina] i like busty babes
[19:57] [Sir_Greenly] family biz sucks donkey cock
[19:57] [spree] LAIN!!!!!!!!!!! you're amazing...i am sorry what i said
[19:57] [sickfuk] lol
[19:57] [louie] So gen turned you down, huh?
[19:57] [gina] mila is really whoreish
[19:57] [smutmutant] Max what's your fave lube? puke?
[19:57] [gina] gen pendova
[19:57] [mikemirestone] can people type a little slower it hurts my head
[19:57] [sickfuk] anybody see mila on love connection?
[19:57] [jeffmike] mine too
[19:57] [smutmutant] take a mydol
[19:57] [Cleetus] what about aurora snow max, have you done her? and if so how was it?
[19:57] [gina] govt wants good porno
[19:57] [TonyMalice] bigdick did teagan really sign with dp
[19:57] [lain] Please do a Reunion Movie with some of the old girls..Like Mila.
[19:57] [TonyMalice] how do you know that
[19:57] [Max_Hardcore] Pissing with a hard dick is kind of like that Japanese martial arts shit, like flying through the air and firing bullets. It takes a lot of practice and good camera work.
[19:57] [Chauncy_Padova] Gen does have a nice ass, especially if you need to hide something large!
[19:57] * cock_a_doodle_poo has joined #xpt
[19:57] [gina] teagan is a babe
[19:58] [bigdick] yes tony she did
[19:58] [gina] teagan is rising star
[19:58] [sickfuk] too bad chuck wolery didnt ask her about her butt flower
[19:58] [TonyMalice] i'm glad she did, i wont have to keep reading about her any more
[19:58] [hypnocock] where's Jim Powers?
[19:58] [TonyMalice] she can slip off into contract girl obscurity
[19:58] [smutmutant] Max what' next on the agenda?
[19:58] * cock_a_doodle_poo has quit IRC (Quit: cock_a_doodle_poo)
[19:58] [Sir_Greenly] teagan is a cock socket-nothing more
[19:58] [gina] teagan presley is my girl
[19:58] [smutmutant] any new series planned?
[19:58] [D-] am i the only one who finds DP gay?
[19:58] [mikemirestone] world domination???
[19:58] [gina] u like teagan
[19:58] [Cleetus] get outta here i can piss with a hard dick too, I must be a master
[19:58] [lain] I seen all your movies and I know everything about you..I am a member of the Website...
[19:58] [Max_Hardcore] Missed Aurora snow while she was fresh. Got cock blocked by Jay Ashley I think.
[19:58] [sickfuk] teagan needs a real anal workout, the kind only max can give
[19:58] [gina] aurora snow get married yet
[19:59] [Sir_Greenly] Gay Ashley?
[19:59] [Max_Hardcore] 'Cause I wouldn't do a DP with Jay.
[19:59] [gina] teagan does anal films
[19:59] [smutmutant] Aurora is f'ugly Max
[19:59] [gina] no she isnt
[19:59] [Max_Hardcore] You said it pal.l\
[19:59] [gina] aurora is cute
[19:59] [sickfuk] dont waste yer time max
[19:59] [Cleetus] LOL, freakin ashley huh
[19:59] [gina] aurora snow is cute
[19:59] [smutmutant] she's a dog
[19:59] [D-] shes makes up for it in slutiness
[19:59] [lain] The new Girl Kammy the Japaness Girl is fucking super cute..You got to use her in at least 4 movies
[19:59] [gina] why is she a dog
[19:59] [Max_Hardcore] Barbie Angel was cute. Cloey was cute. I've fucked a lot of cute cunts.
[19:59] [Cleetus] smut is drunk again
[19:59] [smutmutant] just look at her
[19:59] [gina] i thought aurora snow won avn performer of year
[19:59] [pornfan] a whore is not truly a whore until max fucks her !
[19:59] [gina] i like aurora
[20:00] [Sir_Greenly] who else wants to see gina puke fucked?
[20:00] [smutmutant] no I'm on acid
[20:00] [gina] i like her face
[20:00] [sickfuk] hey max, what u think of jessica simpson?
[20:00] [spree] i love any Gape queen
[20:00] [sadist] i do
[20:00] * smutmutant has quit IRC (Quit: smutmutant)
[20:00] [gina] jessica simpson is sexy
[20:00] * louie has quit IRC (Quit: louie)
[20:00] * PostalEmployeeNewman has joined #xpt
[20:00] [gina] hey spree
[20:00] * Louie has joined #xpt
[20:00] [Max_Hardcore] Yeah, Kammy is super cute little slut who sucked my piss and cum out of her cranked-open ass with a hose!
[20:00] [Sir_Greenly] gina do u gape?
[20:00] [gina] jessica simpson should do porn
[20:00] [gina] max, do u work with animals
[20:00] [sickfuk] lol
[20:00] [Cleetus] hellooooo friscooooooo
[20:00] [lain] Are you going to use her for more than one scene?
[20:00] [gina] max, do u do bestiality
[20:00] [sickfuk] wheres kimi gee when u need her
[20:01] [mikemirestone] he works with animals all the time
[20:01] [gina] i hear pissing is obscene
[20:01] [Cleetus] how was anastacia blue to work with?
[20:01] [Max_Hardcore] I thought this was going to be some sort of competition. It turns out it's just like bumper cars with people going all over the place.
[20:01] [Chauncy_Padova] why do you think he wanted my little gen
[20:01] [gina] what u wanna talk about max
[20:01] [Sir_Greenly] oh gina FUCK OFF ALREADY!!!!!
[20:01] [sickfuk] u got that right max, u are our idol
[20:01] [gina] ok
[20:01] [ChickenMaster] You should get girls to take soap in the ass and then have them blow bubbles out of it!
[20:01] [Max_Hardcore] Anastasia Blue was a great whore, and I got her several times. Check the site for show times.
[20:01] [gina] calm down be nice to me
[20:02] * PostalEmployeeNewman has quit IRC (Quit: PostalEmployeeNewman)
[20:02] [gina] max, did u ever work with any big butt girls
[20:02] [lain] Max, This is unmoderated Chat...You want Moderated chat where someone screens the questions...
[20:02] [hypnocock] Glad you figured it out Max!...this chat will be the biggest waste of your time ever!
[20:02] [jeffmike] max thanks for doing the chat
[20:02] [mikemirestone] ass bubbles are in extreme schoolgirls #4
[20:02] [Max_Hardcore] How about Piss and Cum bubbles out of the ass. That good enough for you bu-dee?
[20:02] [jeffmike] im out
[20:02] [gina] max, u work with any big butt girls
[20:02] [sickfuk] yeah id like to see max take on katja kassins monster booty
[20:02] [Louie] Max, what's up with the fake cum scenes?
[20:02] [ChickenMaster] YES!!!
[20:02] [Sir_Greenly] laterjm
[20:02] * Nick has joined #xpt
[20:02] [gina] max , u going to work with katja kassin
[20:02] [sickfuk] shed smother him the poor guy
[20:02] [sadist] i like seeing pissing,fisting and vomiting but speculums and lipstick gives me a limp dick everytime
[20:02] [gina] katja kassin has a big ass
[20:02] * jrv has quit IRC (Quit: Goodbye)
[20:03] [spree] Lain...thank you for emailing me back
[20:03] * jeffmike has quit IRC (Quit: jeffmike)
[20:03] [spree] i think Katja is AMAZING
[20:03] [gina] u like katja
[20:03] [Max_Hardcore] If I see Katja on one more box, I'M going to puke.
[20:03] [sickfuk] max needs to go back to the basics, ponytails and plaid skirts
[20:03] [gina] why
[20:03] [Sir_Greenly] lol
[20:03] [spree] ponytails or pigtails
[20:03] [spree] either one
[20:03] * Nick is now known as Guest903818
[20:03] [gina] why u dont like katja
[20:03] [sadist] agreed
[20:03] [Max_Hardcore] They said I was ahead of my time back in the 90
[20:03] [lain] Max..You need a new Title..MAX HARDCORE]>POV]>
[20:03] [sickfuk] max bring back cherry poppers
[20:04] [gina] whats wrong with katja kassin, max
[20:04] [Max_Hardcore] 90's, and they say I'm ahead of my time now.
[20:04] [gina] max, whats wrong with katja kassin
[20:04] [sickfuk] we need to see young snatch gettin properly trained
[20:04] [TonyMalice] she has hairy nipples
[20:04] [gina] katja is a rising star
[20:04] [gina] katja is the new european star
[20:04] [bigdick] or shot out
[20:04] [Max_Hardcore] When I'm celebrating in the Winner's Circle, they the rest of the pack finally figures out my set up.
[20:04] [gina] katja has a big german caboose
[20:04] [Louie] No max, they said you GIVE head all the time
[20:04] [lain] What made you special Max was you worked with Good looking Chicks.
[20:04] [Chauncy_Padova] Hey Lain good job in Max Faktor 10, now are you blind or just stupid, tell me???
[20:05] [gina] max, u work with leah stevenson
[20:05] [sickfuk] leah was nice but a lil annoying
[20:05] * gauge_rulz has quit IRC (Quit: gauge_rulz)
[20:05] [Max_Hardcore] Yeah, Louie, I'm the head fucking guy around here. You get plenty of 'face-time' when you're on my fucking crew.
[20:05] * gauge_rulz has joined #xpt
[20:05] [sickfuk] u hiring max?
[20:06] [lain] What happen to the black guy that filmed most of your early porn. He got some great camera angles.
[20:06] [bigdick] h?
[20:06] [Max_Hardcore] Leah was great. One of the best brace-faced fuckholes I ever had the problem of sodomizing in San Francisco.
[20:06] [Chauncy_Padova] Lain all you would need is some facial reconstruction and a new body and you would be hot!!!
[20:06] [sickfuk] give me shot and ill bring my lil sister
[20:06] [mikemirestone] hire him
[20:06] [bigdick] b?
[20:06] [mikemirestone] yeeeeee haaaaaaaa
[20:06] [sickfuk] lol
[20:07] [bigdick] what was the old camera guys name?
[20:07] [Sir_Greenly] see you kids later- max u rock!
[20:07] [TonyMalice] aight picklesmokers
[20:07] [Max_Hardcore] The black guy is Byron Wesley. He was a fucking slob when I met him, and I whipped him into shape and now he's one of the best camerman in the biz.
[20:07] [pornfan] i love alot of your early work , like with brooke ashley .
[20:07] [TonyMalice] im going to go drink myself into a coma
[20:07] [sadist] Lain rules!! Her scene in Max Factor was HOT crying and all!
[20:07] * Sir_Greenly has quit IRC (Quit: Sir_Greenly)
[20:07] [TonyMalice] Thanks for coming Max!
[20:07] [sickfuk] wesly b is the man
[20:07] [Max_Hardcore] Pleasure to be here with you guys.
[20:07] * Regret has joined #xpt
[20:07] [Guest903818] what ever happened to anastasia blue?
[20:07] [sickfuk] no thank u max
[20:08] [gina] leah stevenson is hot now
[20:08] [bigdick] thank you for coming
[20:08] [Crew_Chief] 5 laps to go Max. 5 to go!
[20:08] [lain] Max please do a scene where the woman has a prolased colon as you pull her pants down. It already hangin out for everyone to see and you push it back in for her...
[20:08] * golly has quit IRC (Quit: golly)
[20:08] [ChloeAdamsFan] yeah super cool
[20:08] [sadist] Max! Max! Max!
[20:08] * bigdick has quit IRC (Quit: bigdick)
[20:08] [gina] what is a prolased colon
[20:08] [pornfan] a pink sock
[20:08] [gina] hi spree
[20:08] [gina] hey spree
[20:08] [Max_Hardcore] Nice to see you all out here on the track.
[20:08] * Guest903818 has quit IRC (Quit: Guest903818)
[20:08] [mikemirestone] a pink sock LMAO
[20:08] [gina] hi max
[20:08] * Regret has quit IRC (Quit: Regret)
[20:08] [Chauncy_Padova] you want Gen's cell, you should see her ass
[20:08] [gina] what is a prolased colon
[20:08] [spree] gina..i am leaving
[20:09] [spree] see ya soon
[20:09] [gina] who are u chauncey
[20:09] [Crew_Chief] 1 lap to go, Max. One to go. Up by over a lap.
[20:09] [gina] why u leaving spree
[20:09] [gina] where u going spree
[20:09] [lain] I came here because you told me too on the website...
[20:09] [spree] i haven't hardly slept in days
[20:09] [gina] where u going spree
[20:09] [gina] u tired?
[20:09] [spree] Lain you're amazing
[20:09] [gina] email me spree
[20:09] [spree] i joined your Yahoo group
[20:09] [Chauncy_Padova] i'm Gen Padova's man bitch
[20:09] [gina] let me know when u go on
[20:09] [sadist] crying chicks get me off
[20:09] [mikemirestone] mee 2
[20:10] [sickfuk] one serious question max...u ever gonna finally release all your old work on dvd?
[20:10] [pornfan] me 3
[20:10] [Max_Hardcore] Thanks for coming out to the race today, folks. It was nice to have you in attendance.
[20:10] [hypnocock] Max, despite all my stupid comments, thanks for tonights chat!
[20:10] [lain] Max..How about the Reunion Movie...Best Bitches before
[20:10] [Crew_Chief] Checkered Flag, Max!!!
[20:10] * spree has quit IRC (Quit: spree)
[20:10] [sickfuk] we need analvision ondvd
[20:10] [hypnocock] Max...what do you think of Thomas Zupko??
[20:10] [D-] NASCAR sucks
[20:10] [gina] are u a nascar dad
[20:10] [sadist] haha
[20:10] [Max_Hardcore] See you next time amigos. Down the road. I'm off to the press converence.
[20:10] [gina] bush is courting the nascar dads
[20:11] * Louie has quit IRC (Quit: Louie)
[20:11] [sadist] see ya mAX
[20:11] [sickfuk] take care max stay safe and stay sick
[20:11] [lain] Max doesn't have the rights to his old work. Zane does and they are bankrupht
[20:11] [gina] what press conference
[20:11] [hypnocock] Seriously dude...what do you think of Zupko?
[20:11] [mikemirestone] yeeeee haaaaaaaa
[20:11] [gina] whose your fav big butt pornstar
[20:11] [Crew_Chief] Pull it into the paddock, Max. Another great win!
[20:12] [gina] max, u leaving
[20:12] [Chauncy_Padova] Lain this time you better bring home a keychain too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:12] [sadist] is max gone? lets talk about him behind his back:-)
[20:12] * hoss has joined #xpt
[20:12] [sickfuk] lol
[20:13] [ChickenMaster] Audios everyone
[20:13] * ChickenMaster has left #xpt
[20:13] [gina] he is still here
[20:13] [hypnocock] Talk about Paul Little behind his back?
[20:13] [gina] his name is still listed
[20:13] [TonyMalice] later dogs
[20:13] [gina] paul little , lol
[20:13] [sickfuk] later malice
[20:13] * LaraRoxFan has quit IRC (Quit: LaraRoxFan)
[20:13] * ChloeAdamsFan has quit IRC (Quit: ChloeAdamsFan)
[20:13] [sadist] later
[20:13] [Chauncy_Padova] Time to change Gen's diaper, gotta go.
[20:13] [hypnocock] Mr. Little
[20:13] [gina] whose your fav big butt babe
[20:13] * hoss has quit IRC (Quit: hoss)
[20:13] [hypnocock] me?
[20:13] [sickfuk] katja
[20:14] [hypnocock] I'm not into ass, for some reason...
[20:14] [sickfuk] her ass was made to rule the world
[20:14] [gina] any other big butt babes besides katja
[20:14] [hypnocock] was it good for you Lain?
[20:14] [sadist] nina hartley had a nice ass
[20:14] [gina] how about krysti lynn
[20:14] * Chauncy_Padova has left #xpt
[20:14] [sickfuk] if her ass did rule we all would be speakin german
[20:14] * Dona has joined #xpt
[20:14] [D-] what was lain's response to max's "real story" vid?
[20:14] [gina] would u worship katja kassin ass
[20:15] [sickfuk] austin oriley has a monster booty too
[20:15] [mikemirestone] good question
[20:15] [gina] austin o reilly has a big butt
[20:15] [gina] she is from orange county
[20:15] [sickfuk] u got that right gina
[20:15] * nickyrocket has joined #xpt
[20:15] [gina] hey sick, what about cailey
[20:16] [sickfuk] those are the kinds of ass u spread butter and lick away
[20:16] [hypnocock] lain, are you still conscious?
[20:16] [gina] u like cailey taylor
[20:16] [gina] i like this new girl cailey taylor
[20:16] [sickfuk] hey max is still here
[20:16] [hypnocock] she's an overpriced whore...
[20:17] [sadist] Lain,Max? what are you kids up to and why are your names still showing?
[20:17] [sickfuk] couldnt leave eh max?
[20:17] [gina] who is overpriced whore
[20:17] [hypnocock] Cailey
[20:17] [Mantrid] Teagan
[20:17] * nickyrocket has quit IRC (Quit: nickyrocket)
[20:17] [gina] how u know hypno
[20:17] [sadist] gina, are you an overpriced whore?
[20:17] [sickfuk] teagan is hot but over rated
[20:17] [gina] how u know she is overpriced
[20:17] [hypnocock] I was gonna shoot a scene with her...
[20:18] [gina] whats your porn name
[20:18] [hypnocock] I asked the bitch her rates...
[20:18] * Crew_Chief has quit IRC (Quit: Crew_Chief)
[20:18] [sickfuk] teagen needs some real dick in all her holes
[20:18] [gina] whats your porn name
[20:18] [hypnocock] me?
[20:18] [sadist] one hung low
[20:18] [Mantrid] lain doing anything with Anabolic?
[20:18] [sickfuk] lol
[20:18] [sadist] buck naked
[20:18] [hypnocock] [- you're looking at it
[20:18] [sickfuk] ben dover
[20:18] * Dona has quit IRC (Quit: Dona)
[20:18] [gina] no your porn name in movies
[20:18] [Mantrid] would like to see you on the cover of something other than a Max Hardcore flick lainy
[20:18] [gina] how much did cailey ask for
[20:18] [sickfuk] jack meoff
[20:19] * Max_Hardcore has quit IRC (Quit: Max_Hardcore)